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Addison urban design review

David Mead, Hill Young Cooper Ltd
Hill Young Cooper Ltd
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Auckland Council is undertaking a review of the Addison development in Takanini, Auckland. One aspect of this review is an assessment of urban design outcomes for the area.

Addison is a master planned, greenfields housing development approximately 25kms south of the Auckland city centre. Development commenced in the early 2000s and is nearing the final stages, although there are still two larger development sites near the middle of the area that have yet to be built on. House building has been undertaken by several housing companies.

The review process has involved establishing urban design criteria that would have applied at the time of the original planning, undertaking site visits, discussions with relevant design professionals involved with the development and identifying urban design strengths and weaknesses.

Key strengths are:

  • Addison successfully demonstrates that medium housing development is viable in a peripheral location;
  • There is a range of housing product;
  • There is a strong emphasis on developing the public realm role of streets;
  • There are positive, open ‘interface’ relationships between streets and houses; and
  • There is access to rapid transit and commercial activities within a walkable radius. ...

See also: Living in Addison: An investigation into the lived experience of a master planned housing development in Auckland, Auckland Council technical report TR2019/023

November 2019