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Waitākere Ranges heritage area monitoring report. Volume 2: detailed results. June 2013

Waitākere Ranges Local Board, Auckland Council
Auckland Council | Waitākere Ranges Local Board
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Part 1. Introduction and Approach

This volume is the second part of the overall monitoring report on the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area (heritage area). Volume 1 provides an overview and summary of the key findings from the monitoring programme. It introduces the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Act (the Act), the heritage area, the approach taken to monitoring and summarises the results, along with progress made towards achieving the objectives of the Act. This volume provides more specific detail and explanation regarding the requirements of the Act, the monitoring approach, the indicators and their results, along with details of progress made.

Purpose of this monitoring report

The purposes of this monitoring report are:

  • To bring together and summarise the available information on the state of the heritage area environment and progress towards achieving the objectives of the Act. Where possible, indicators have been developed to summarise trends and changes and provide baselines against which future changes can be assessed.
  • To identify gaps and limitations in the available data and recommend improvements to the monitoring system to be considered before the preparation of the next five-yearly report. The report is heavily reliant on existing information and additional monitoring work may be needed over the next five years in order to meet the requirements of the Act.
  • To report on the funding impact arising from activities undertaken specifically to give effect to the Act.

The above matters are to be reported at least every 5 years in accordance with Section 34 of the Act. ...

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