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Stormwater management devices in the Auckland region GD01

A Cunningham, A Colibaba, B Hellberg, G S Roberts, R Symcock, N Vigar, W Woortman
Auckland Council
Publication date:  

This guideline document, Stormwater Management Devices in the Auckland Region (GD01) provides detailed design considerations aligned with the Auckland Council philosophy of stormwater management – where cultural values, social needs and natural features are considered as part of the functional design of the stormwater network – to achieve a resilient and sustainable outcome under the principles of water sensitive design. While overall guidance on the principles and process of water sensitive design can be found in the Auckland Council Guideline Document GD2015/004 Water Sensitive Design for Stormwater, this document focuses on the selection and design of stormwater management devices which achieve:

  • Water quality treatment (sediment, nutrients, metals, microbes, hydrocarbons, temperature etc.)
  • Retention of stormwater on-site (either as reuse or infiltration)
  • Detention of the most frequent storm events (90th and 95th percentile) for stream protection
  • Detention of larger storm events (50%, 10% and 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) design storm events) for flood mitigation.

GD01 is an update of TP10 – Stormwater Management Devices: Design Guidelines Manual, (Auckland Regional Council, 1992 and 2003) and will supersede that document once included in the Auckland Unitary Plan. The scope and objective of this guideline is to provide a user-friendly technical design guide to developers, designers and regulators which provides stormwater choice and design advice based on current good practice specific to the requirements of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

It should be noted that this document has been prepared for use in the Auckland region. While many of the principles are universal and can be used elsewhere, the technical specifications have been developed for the geology, geography, climate, receiving environments and context of Auckland. Auckland Council therefore disclaims any responsibility for use of GD01 outside of the Auckland region. ...

December 2017, version 1

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