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Pacific peoples' workforce challenge

The Southern Initiative, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment MBIE, Auckland Co-Design Lab
The Southern Initiative | Auckland Council
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Accelerating the advancement of Pacific people in the workforce

This document is a summary of the work to date on accelerating the advancement of Pacific people in the workforce challenge.

It covers why we chose to look into how we accelerate the advancement of Pacific people in the workforce, what we have learnt and what we and others can do to support transformational economic outcomes for Pacific people and their families.

The findings in this report help us to better understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities for Pacific people and their families in finding quality employment opportunities and advancing in the workforce. While our focus was Pacific people in South Auckland, we believe the relevance of the findings reach far wider than this.

We hope this report will inform the work of those who play a role in setting, maintaining and changing the employment landscape for Pacific people including employers, agencies, community organisations and other interested people.

June 2018

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