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Orewa Reserve visitor survey 2015

J A Allpress
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU
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An intercept survey of Orewa Reserve visitors was conducted in April-May 2015, in order to improve Auckland Council’s Local and Sports Parks (LSP) understanding of the experience of visitors within the park.

The survey results indicate that Orewa Reserve is a popular park with local residents as well as the smaller number of other visitors from Auckland and further afield. The park is used by young and old, and serves as a space for visitors to walk, for children to play, and for people to enjoy the beach. When asked what one thing they liked most about the park, visitors most frequently reported liking the beach / water, children’s playgrounds, the open space,
and the views.

Approximately half of all visitors (52%) used the park at least once a week over the last 12 months, indicating that for many visitors, Orewa Reserve plays an important role in their day-to-day lives. The vast majority (81%) of visitors drive to get to the park, with the remainder walking. The level of overall satisfaction with the park is high, with 94 per cent of visitors reporting that they are somewhat or very satisfied with the park. Most visitors (90%) also rate the park as being important to their sense of well-being.

Visitors provided mixed reactions to the possibility of making the park rubbish-free (removing rubbish bins and encouraging visitors to recycle their rubbish at home), with roughly equal numbers stating that this change would have a positive compared to a negative impact on their experience.

Although levels of overall satisfaction with the park are high, visitors’ responses indicate a number of possible areas for service improvement, including:

  • Preventing beach erosion
  • Playground improvements – particularly increased barriers between playgrounds and the street
  • Improved natural or artificial shade options within the park
  • Improved paths and tracks – particularly access to the beach
  • Improved seats and tables
  • Toilet improvements.

Auckland Council technical report, TR2015/025

August 2015