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Level 4 snapshot: early and emerging impressions from south and west Auckland

The Southern Initiative, Auckland Co-design Lab
The Southern Initiative, Auckland Co-design Lab | Auckland Council
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From the introduction:

This snapshot shares some of what the The Southern Initiative and The Lab team are hearing and observing as we collectively respond to and make sense of the impact of COVID19 with our partners in South and West Auckland.

It brings together themes and impressions gathered through the course of our work and connections with whānau, businesses and community partners during the Level 4 lockdown April 2020.

These are indications of activity to support further and more systematic discovery, conversation and mahi.

What’s been happening on the ground?

Local and central action

Immediate support and responses have come from many places - wh ānau, iwi, marae, neighbourhoods, kura, schools, communities, business and philanthropy alongside and in collaboration with local and central government led responses.

Marae, kura and schools have played key roles in getting information and support out to families, and leading in organising responses.

It took one to two weeks for some of the welfare support from council and some marae to come online, with wh ānau, community networks and providers filling the gap till then.

There has been significant collaboration and joining up of networks and resources between smaller local and bigger partners to help respond and deliver food, tech and other support to communities in South and West Auckland. Those with a large resource base working with those holding local networks to connect people to what they need on the ground. For example getting laptops and modems out to families just before lock down.

April 2020

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