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Intermediate housing market and housing affordability trends in Auckland 2019

Ian Mitchell
Auckland Council | Livingston and Associates
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The focus of this research is Auckland’s intermediate housing market including a breakdown of households’ demographic profiles and their geographic distribution within Auckland. In addition, analysis of the movement of households in and out of Auckland, intermediate households’ workplace geography, and property market affordability statistics. ...

The assignment’s objective is to provide detailed analysis of the intermediate housing demand by a range of demographic characteristics.

Auckland, like most larger cities, which have undergone strong population growth over the last two decades has experienced a significant decline in housing affordability. House prices in particular, and to a less extent rents, has increased significantly faster than household incomes. The fall in housing affordability, particularly for first homebuyers, has resulted in growth in the number renter households unable to affordably buy a dwelling. This research focuses on these households which form the intermediate housing market. ...

August 2019