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Inner city residents survey research report October 2013

Mobius Research and Strategy Ltd, Michelle Irving, Stuart Jeffcoat
Auckland Council Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit, RIMU | Mobius Research and Strategy Ltd
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From the Executive summary:


Auckland’s city centre is a large, and growing, residential centre (home to 26,300 at the 2013 Census). It was identified in the Auckland Plan as one of two priority geographic locations for focused attention. To achieve the vision set out in the Auckland Plan, the City Centre Masterplan (‘the masterplan’) was released in August 2012. The masterplan outlines a vision and eight transformational moves for the area out to 2032. Along with the Waterfront Plan, it provides a blueprint for the future transformation of the city centre.

An important component of the masterplan is the monitoring framework, which aims to monitor the extent to which the masterplan is progressing towards its desired outcomes. The framework includes a set of 36 indicators against nine outcomes. The third outcome outlines a desire for the city centre to ‘…. meet the needs of a growing and changing residential population’, and includes several indicators that focus on residents’ perceptions of safety and community.

In June 2013, a survey was undertaken among residents of the inner city to gather baseline data around aspects of living in the inner city, in order to inform the monitoring framework. The survey was jointly funded by Auckland Council’s Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit, the City Centre Transformation team and the Waitematā Local Board.

This report presents the results of that survey. ...

Auckland Council, Waitematā Local Board, November 2013 

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