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Exploring the youth economy. Phase 1 – discovery insights report

The Southern Initiative, TSI, SIDA
The Southern Initiative, TSI | Auckand Council
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Extract from the Introduction.

This report has taken a broadbased approach to exploring the concept of the youth economy.

However it is recognised that further work is needed to understand from the perspectives of young people how they interpret and experience the ‘youth economy’ and what it means to them.

The discovery phase will continue with a period of engagement with rangatahi. The insights from which will be reported later in the year.

This report:

  • Outlines the discovery phase approach, scope and qualifiers underpinning this work.
  • Sumarises what we have read, heard and seen during the research.
  • Sets out the key themes and insights.
  • Identifies different roles of young people in the economy.
  • Shares some emergent practice as ‘ones to watch’ and connect with for ongoing further exploration.

August 2021

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