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Environmental condition and values of Manukau Harbour

S Kelly, Coast and Catchment Ltd
Auckland Regional Council
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Extract from the Introduction:

The effects of stormwater in the coastal environment vary depending on:

1. the quantity and quality of the stormwater discharge(s);

2. the physical, chemical and ecological characteristics of the receiving environment; and,

3. human amenity, aesthetic and cultural values.

The purpose of this report is to review available information on item (2) above for Manukau Harbour. Integrated catchment management plans (ICMPs) being prepared by Waitakere, Auckland and Manukau City Councils, and Papakura and Franklin District Councils are required to identify the best practicable option (BPO) for managing stormwater contaminants discharged into the harbour. Among other things, the BPO must have regard to the nature of the discharges and the sensitivity of the receiving environment. An understanding of the environmental characteristics and values of the receiving environments is therefore needed before an assessment of sensitivity can be carried out. ...

Auckland Regional Council, TR2009/112

September 2009