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Developing a regional illegal dumping implementation plan through testing an approach in the south

Auckland Council Waste Solutions
Auckland Council Waste Solutions
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Summary and Recommendations

Regional and local approach

As a result of this project, our recommended, over arching approach to illegal dumping is an integrated approach.

By this we mean, the many intervention type activities in play (by council, other agencies, community groups etc ) must have a unified, collective impact towards reducing dumping by educating people about the new norm i.e. ‘it is not okay to dump’.

Key strategic focus

  • Illegal dumping is wrong we all have a responsibility to do the right thing . We need to show that it’s not okay to dump but at the same time provide people with options on how to dispose of items i.e. we offer support mechanisms.
  • There are consequences between a dumper’s activity and the impact on the environment (streams, parks, neighbourhood), neighbours, health and wellbeing, safety etc The consequences of illegal dumping are negative, doing the right thing has positive consequences we need to show these two sides. The ‘Don’t be a tosser ’ campaign addresses these two aspects.
  • Extending the connection and pride that people feel about their front garden and their churches to their neighbourhood, the nearby creek, the park extending ‘the E den’.
  • Provide people with easy, alternative options so that dumping is not the first choice of action e.g . book an inorganic collection, help develop neighbourhood solutions (e.g . a shared trailer) or take goods to the right place, recycling, etc.

Auckland Council, July 2017