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Coastal hazard assessment in the Auckland region

Natasha Carpenter
Auckland Council
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1.0 Introduction

Coastal erosion and flooding are natural processes. They become hazards when they adversely impact people or the social, economic, environmental and cultural values of our coastline.

To support the sustainable future growth and development of Auckland, it is important that accurate assessments of potential coastal hazard risks are completed. The results should be used to ensure any identified risks are appropriately avoided, remedied, or mitigated as required by the Auckland Unitary Plan and to follow best practice asset management within the coastal zone.

1.1 Aim of the Guideline

  • Coastal hazards assessments are required to understand the potential effects of coastal hazards to inform a range of decision making for Auckland Council, including:
  • Development controls when land is identified as being within the coastal hazard areas in the Auckland Unitary Plan (referred to in the Plan as the ‘coastal erosion hazard area’, the ‘coastal storm inundation 1% annual exceedance probability [AEP] area’ and the ‘coastal storm inundation 1% annual exceedance probability [AEP] plus 1 m sea level rise area’).
  • The acquisition and vesting of esplanade reserves and strips to Auckland Council to ensure an appropriate buffer against coastal hazards is maintained, as well as the ability to provide for public access and amenity along the coast, over time.
  • The associated acquisition and vesting of coastal assets including coastal protection structures to protect land or development (e.g. rock revetments, seawalls, dune planting) to confirm their appropriateness, potential risks and potential ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Identification of long-term coastal hazards over at least 100 years, including sea-level rise, as required by the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS) for coastal adaptation planning.
  • Asset management planning of Auckland Council’s coastal assets including coastal protection structures and coastal amenity structures. ...

Auckland Council guideline document, GD2021/010. GD10. Updated July 2022.

July 2022