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Auckland water strategy 2022-2050

Auckland Council
Auckland Council
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Te Rautaki Wai a Tāmaki Makaurau

Auckland Water Strategy

Our vision outlines a future where the region’s waters are healthy, thriving, and treasured.

We want to:

  • strengthen the connection Aucklanders have with water and their environment
  • ensure Auckland’s water infrastructure is regenerative, resilient, low carbon, and increases the mauri of water.
  • make sure our growing population has enough water through efficient use and diverse sources
  • restore and enhance Auckland's water ecosystems
  • work with Aucklanders and mana whenua to improve water
  • safeguard sustainable water use and equitable access
  • integrate land use and water planning at all levels.

Auckland water strategy 2022-2050

Auckland water strategy implementation plan 2022

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