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Auckland’s heritage counts 2020. Annual summary

Auckland Council, David Bade
Auckland Council Heritage Unit
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Ka Whai Take Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho o Tāmaki Makaurau 2020

Tirohanga whānui


Welcome to the 2020 edition of Auckland’s Heritage Counts. Since the first edition in 2018, Auckland’s Heritage Counts has become a leading authority on the benefits of heritage in Auckland. The purpose of this annual document is to raise awareness of Auckland’s heritage, particularly the economic and social benefits of heritage, through highlighting and understanding key statistics and research each year.

With at least three years of data, many statistics are now able to show trends – particularly relevant given the Covid-19 pandemic this year. As expected, visitor numbers to heritage sites have dropped considerably, but there has also been an upsurge in social media engagement. This year, there is also original research on the motivations behind heritage places being used for wedding venues.

Most statistics come from an analysis of the Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP) historic heritage schedule and other overlays. Other sources are referenced in footnotes.

Thank you to all those who provided data and research in this edition, and to those involved in its design.

David Bade

Specialist – Built Heritage, Heritage Unit
Auckland Council

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