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Auckland Plan 2050. 2021 annual monitoring report

Auckland Council
Auckland Council
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From the executive summary:

The Auckland Plan 2050 is a 30-year spatial plan for Auckland adopted in June 2018. It provides broad direction to guide Auckland’s growth and development while delivering on the six outcomes and the Development Strategy contained within the plan.

Effective monitoring is fundamental to the successful implementation of the Auckland Plan 2050. It enables us to track progress and provides an ongoing evidence base to align our implementation and regulatory plans and funding programmes.

The Auckland Plan Annual Monitoring Report uses 33 measures for tracking progress against the outcomes in the Auckland Plan 2050. This is a high-level analysis of the trends. More detailed analysis is carried out as part of the Three Yearly Progress Report. The first of these reports was reported to the Planning Committee in March 2020 (and is available on the Auckland Plan website, in the measuring progress section).

This Annual Monitoring Report mostly uses data from 2020 or before, therefore the impacts of COVID-19 are captured in some instances. For the most recent data available for Auckland (for example on the economic impacts of COVID-19), go to Auckland Council's Research and Evaluation Unit website at:

The breadth of the Auckland Plan 2050 outcomes requires the annual monitoring report to use metrics and data sources which vary in terms of their availability and frequency. This means that there will not be updates for all measures.

Five of the 33 measures included in this report (new dwellings consented, new dwellings completed, access to jobs, delay from congestion and zoned industrial land) are drawn from the Development Strategy monitoring framework, which is reported separately in October each year. The Development Strategy report provides a more comprehensive overview of growth, housing and land supply across the region.

Auckland Council, July 2021

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