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Auckland economic update. Covid-19 economic update – industries at level 3 in May 2020

Ross Wilson
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU
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A supplementary Economic update for Auckland that looks at the impact of covid-19 alert level 3 lockdown in May 2020 on employment and GDP among industries in Auckland.

Key findings at alert level 3 (subject to caveats as listed in the pdf) include that:

  • although 188,000 employees (21% of Auckland’s pre-Covid-19 total) can return to work in Level 3
  • there are still 248,000 or 27% of Auckland employees who still can't work at Level 3 (similar to the rest of New Zealand (26%))
  • the GDP impacts are slightly different: The overall proportion of Auckland GDP “Still reduced” in L3 (22%) is less than the proportion of employment (27%), because reductions tend to be greater in industries with lower productivity (GDP/employee)
  • results vary hugely by industry, with Other Services (eg repairs) still with 90% reduction in employment and GDP
  • but Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (Auckland’s largest employer pre-Covid-19) has both the greatest number of jobs and greatest value of GDP still reduced (with no change from L4 to L3)
  • while Construction has 62% who were able to return once the level came down to L3.

May 2020

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