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Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

17 February 2020
New Zealand Parliament
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The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (the Act) came into force over 30 years ago to govern a rental market very different from the market today. Since the Act came into force, home ownership rates have declined and the proportion of households living in rental properties has increased. More people, including families and older people, are renting for longer, or for life. Some people are having difficulty finding or maintaining tenancies, which can lead to people using government emergency or transitional housing. Insecure tenure can have negative impacts on health, education, and employment. People who are renting should have stable housing, have the ability to feel at home, and be able to assert their legal rights.

The Bill makes a range of changes to make the Act fit for modern renting situations in New Zealand. The Bill aims to modernise the Act while appropriately balancing the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords.

The changes include—

  • increasing security of tenure for tenants who are meeting their obligations; and
  • promoting good-faith relationships in the renting environment; and
  • modernising and clarifying the Act to reflect the modern renting market and environment; and
  • enhancing powers and tools for the chief executive of the department responsible for the administration of the Act (the regulator); and supporting tenants’ ability to assert their legal rights. ...

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