Technology and productivity in New Zealand

10 September 2019
Productivity Commission
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The Productivity Commission has published its first draft report for the Technology and productivity in New Zealand inquiry.

From the Commission's website:

Our first draft report New Zealand, technology and productivity looks at the factors affecting technology adoption and how technological adoption affects the labour market. It also examines how technology affected work in the past, including in New Zealand. We found that:

  • There is little evidence in the available data that widespread disruption to work is coming soon.
  • The likely pace and scale of technological change in New Zealand will depend to a significant extent on developments overseas.
  • Technology and labour-market trends in New Zealand tend to lag behind those overseas, and will be more muted, if recent history is anything to go by.
  • The main problem facing New Zealand today isn’t too much technology, it’s not enough. New Zealand needs to embrace technology, not treat it as a threat.

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Last updated: 2019-10-04