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Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials. Conference

Date: 22 January 2017 - 25 January 2017

Venue: University of Auckland, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road Auckland

Speakers: Various

Twenty-fifth International Conference on Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials, PFAM-XXV. 22-25 January 2017, Auckland

The conference will honour Distinguished Professor Debes Bhattacharyya for his outstanding contributions to the fields of advanced composites, materials, metal forming and mechanical engineering.

The primary purpose of this inter-disciplinary conference is to bring together state-of-the-art developments on all aspects related to the processing and fabrication of advanced materials, spanning the entire spectrum of metallics, intermetallics, ceramics, ceramic-matrix composites, metal-matrix composites, intermetallic-matrix composites, advanced polymers and polymer-matrix composites, and including surface and high-temperature coatings.

Resiliency, globalization of medicine and inequities in health care

Date: 31 January 2017 12:00pm - 31 January 2017 1:30pm

Venue: Auckland University, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, room 503-028, 85 Park Road, Grafton

Speakers: Dr Keyna Bracken

Resiliency, globalization of medicine and inequities in health care. Is there a relationship?

Interest in global health is rising in medical schools around the world. Opportunities in international service learning comprise much of medical students’ undergraduate global health exposure, and this can empower students to address inequities in health care and advocate for social justice.

No country is immune from social inequities and vulnerable populations who face higher burdens of morbidity and mortality. Global health is relevant to the development of humanistic physicians, who are better able to address the needs of complex, diverse and often under serviced communities whether home or abroad.

Dr Keyna Bracken is an associate professor in the department of Family Medicine at McMaster University.

Book launch: The Diversity Matrix and SUPERdiverse WOMEN

Date: 15 February 2017 5:00pm - 15 February 2017 6:00pm

Venue: NZME office, 2 Graham Street, Auckland

Speakers: Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland

The diversity matrix: implications for law, policy and business is a follow-up publication to Superdiversity stocktake launched in November 2015. It proposes that New Zealand needs to refresh its definition of diversity in the twenty-first century to account for the matrix of intersecting factors that make up each person’s identity. Currently, diversity tends to be limited to single axis lines – for example, more women or Māori on boards. New Zealand needs a new definition of diversity, that reflects the real lived experiences of the New Zealand population, as it becomes increasingly superdiverse, and of multiple ground discrimination. 

To recognize, empower and inspire diverse women leaders throughout Australasia

IASC Asian Conference on Statistical Computing 2017

Date: 10 December 2017 - 14 December 2017

Venue: University of Auckland, Business School, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Rd, Auckland

Speakers: Various, see website

The International Association of Statistical Computing (Asian Regional Society) and New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA) are holding a joint conference hosted by the Department of Statistics, The University of Auckland at their city campus from Sunday 10th  December – Thursday 14th December 2017. This conference incorporates both the 68th Annual NZSA Conference and the 10th Conference of the International Association of Statistical Computing (Asian Regional Society).

More information is available on the conference website:

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