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Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU

Manager: Dr Lucy Baragwanath

The Research and Evaluation Unit, part of Auckland Council's Auckland Plan, Strategy and Research department in the Chief Planning Office, is council’s environmental, social, economic and cultural research centre. We provide the high-quality evidence that assists policy development, implementation and evaluation. We offer a range of research services to all council departments and CCOs and promote council research results and publications to the wider community.

Our main activities

RIMU manages council's evidence gathering functions, including research, monitoring, evaluation and reporting to ensure that council’s decision-making is based on robust evidence in the context of growth and change.

RIMU’s work supports and informs the council’s core function, which includes planning for growth and meeting legislative requirements under the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Local Government Acts in relation to social, economic, land use and environmental issues. RIMU is a multi-disciplinary unit with skilled professionals who deliver these requirements. By linking research, policy and implementation, RIMU is uniquely placed to foster innovative and collaborative approaches to the complex issues Auckland faces now and in the future.

RIMU provides an important role in New Zealand’s national environmental monitoring programme by monitoring and reporting on the state and trends of Auckland’s environment.

A core responsibility of the council is to manage and develop Auckland in a context of sustained growth, so it is critical that decision-makers have a clear understanding of the implications of this growth and development in the region. RIMU also provides in-house support for evaluation and quality assurance. The teams respond to the needs of council decision-makers and translate primary and secondary evidence for a variety of end-users and audiences beyond Auckland Council.

We maintain Auckland Council’s evidence base by:

• collecting and managing qualitative and quantitative data

• analysing data using statistical analysis and modelling

• learning from others, including bench-marking and international comparisons

• looking forward by using scenario development and forecasting

• monitoring national and international trends, events and government policy developments

We write, distribute and promote reports, articles, technical publications and research papers. We help identify research and monitoring priorities and assist with experimental design and robust data collection.

RIMU supports robust practices and provides the justification and transparency in the council’s decision-making that ultimately shapes Auckland and the environment in which we live.

For a list of current staff and more information read RIMU's Capability statement.

This website

Knowledge Auckland is a place to find and share useful research, information and data about Auckland including Auckland Council research publications.

This website also hosts publications and research resources from a variety of sources (government reports, other local authority publications, research organisation reports, university research publications, etc) and aims to provide decision-makers, researchers, and communities with good access to information and analysis needed to plan for Auckland’s future.

Note that Knowledge Auckland is a developing website and we welcome comment or questions, and advice on new content. The site also includes information from the previous Auckland Council website, Monitor Auckland which has closed.

Please send your comments and suggestions for new items to rimu@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Environmental data requests

Requests for environmental data - for example, rainfall data, water quality figures, air quality information - can be sent to environmentaldata@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

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