New bills: Electoral Amendment | Referendums Framework

30 July 2019
New Zealand Government
Publication date:

Two new bills in Parliament:

Electoral Amendment Bill 

This Bill makes several changes to the Electoral Act 1993 and the Electoral Regulations 1996 to—

  • improve enrolment and voting processes to better enfranchise voters; and
  • uphold the integrity of the electoral system by ensuring that elections are conducted efficiently and securely; and
  • support the effective conduct of future elections.

Changes include:

Election day enrolment...

Expanding range of premises that can be used as voting places...

Improving vote issuing and return processes...

Updating provisions for managing polling day disruption to conduct of general election...

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Referendums Framework Bill 

This Bill provides a single set of legislative provisions to govern the conduct of referendums held alongside the 2020 general election. The Bill is a generic Bill, which focuses on the mechanics of a referendum. A referendum may be conducted under this Bill only if it is—

  • declared by an Order in Council to be a referendum for the purposes of the Bill; or

  • declared by an Act to be a referendum for the purposes of the Bill.

The Bill is time-limited and applies only to referendums held at the next general election following enactment. ...

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Last updated: 2019-07-30