Cannabis. Chief Science Advisor preparing evidence

24 July 2019
Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor
Publication date:

Public-facing advice on cannabis. Terms of Reference


In order to help inform the public in the lead up to the referendum on the legalisation of cannabis, the Prime Minister has asked her Chief Science Advisor, Professor Juliet Gerrard, to coordinate a short, authoritative, accessible and unbiased summary of the evidence for the harms and benefits of legalised cannabis. This will include an assessment of the international evidence base for the potential impacts of its legislation. It will not make recommendations. ...


  • June/July 2019 | Terms of reference uploaded onto PMCSA website
  • August 2019 | Membership of panel published
  • 13 December 2019 |The final summary of information will be submitted to the PMO [Prime Minister's Office]
  • End January 2020 | Likely release date

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