Social Security Act 2018

20 November 2018
Ministry of Social Development
Publication date:

The Social Security Act 2018 is in force from 26 November, along with new regulations. From the Ministry of Social Development website:

The new Social Security Act 2018 comes into force on 26 November 2018. It won’t change anyone’s benefits or entitlements and it will make the legislation clearer and simpler to follow.

Three new Acts will replace the previous Social Security Act 1964:

  • Social Security Act 2018
  • Residential Care and Disability Support Services Act 2018
  • Artificial Limb Service Act 2018.

Under the new Residential Care Act and Regulations, MSD will continue to conduct financial means assessments for the Residential Care Subsidy. The new Act won’t change the way we do things or the policy governing our assessments.

The new Acts will change the numbering of the legislation and some detail will now be found in regulations. Information about the old and new numbering is in Schedule 12 of the new Act.

The new Acts replace some outdated terms with more inclusive language and plain English. MSD is updating all its websites, forms and letters with the new terms.

Below is a table about the new terms, and the extended functions that Nurse Practitioners can do for MSD clients.

New sets of Regulations

The Regulations for the Social Security Act 2018 have also been updated.

Twenty four separate Social Security regulations have been combined into one set with a clear layout and easy to find section headings. Some things in the old Social Security Act 1964 have moved into the Regulations. For example, the process for applying and assessing benefit applications.

Anything about residential care that was in the Social Security regulations has been moved into the new Residential Care and Disability Support Services Regulations 2018...

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