Research reports: coming soon

3 January 2018
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Watch for these Auckland Council research reports coming in 2018!


Auckland air emissions inventory 2016 – home heating

Auckland air emissions inventory 2016 – industry 

Auckland air emissions inventory 2016 – transport

Auckland air emissions inventory 2016 – sea transport

Kaipara Harbour ecological monitoring programme: report on data collected between October 2009 and January 2016, TR2017/021

LakeSPI assessment of 33 Auckland Lakes: 2017 update, TR2017/028

Marine water quality annual report 2016, TR2017/033

Probability of occurrence of acid sulphate soils in the Auckland region

River water quality annual report 2016

The urban forest of Waitematā Local Board 2013, TR2017/006


Airbnb and the Auckland housing market

Exploitative landlord-tenant relationships in Auckland

Renting in Auckland: a tenant, landlord and property manager perspective, TR2017/032

Land use

Farm-scale land use capability classification for Auckland, TR2017/016

Matching farm production data to land use capability for Auckland, TR2017/020


Note: the reports are in review and final publishing checks with council manager approval. A listing here does not guarantee publication and delays are possible. Please send any questions about new reports to 

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