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Auckland air emissions inventory 2016 – sea transport

Serge Peeters, M&P Consulting Limited
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit RIMU
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This report estimates emissions to air within the Auckland Council boundaries for the year 2016 from ocean going vessels (OGVs), harbour vessels, ferries and port cargo handling equipment. It does not include emissions from recreational vessels and dredging activity.

This document also describes the methodologies that were used to estimate exhaust emissions from the different source types. The methodologies and emission factors used are mainly based on a 2009 report by ICF International for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA): Current Methodologies in Preparing Mobile Source Port-Related Inventories.

A significant improvement, compared to previous inventories, is the use of Automatic Identification System (AIS) data to accurately model the activity from OGVs, harbour vessels and ferries over a whole year. With AIS data, vessel emissions can be estimated at a high spatial and temporal resolution. AIS also allows us to account for emissions from vessel activity that were previously difficult to quantify, such as vessels that pass through Auckland waters but do not visit its port. Therefore, emissions results that are based on AIS data are not directly comparable with previous emission inventories.

Auckland Council technical report TR2018/017