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Truth and lies in architecture

University of Auckland
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27 Sep 2022, 07:00 PM - 27 Sep 2022, 08:00 PM
University of Auckland, Design Theatre, Conference Centre Building 22 Symonds Street, Auckland
Richard Francis-Jones
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University of Auckland

Fast Forward lecture series – 2022

Truth and lies in architecture

Architecture has never been more challenged than it is today. Addressing the sheer scale of the triple challenges of environmental sustainability in climate change; social inequality, in the form of class, gender and race; and culture, in terms of identity, exclusion and prejudice, is a seemingly overwhelmingly task for architecture.

Equally, these great challenges come at a moment when architecture has never been so marginalised and diminished. The practice of architecture has been progressively desiccated, undermined and commodified through the instrumental processes of the contemporary development industry, together with the simplistic reductionism of media technology and market consumption demand.

In this talk, Richard will negotiate the territory between the Truth and Lies in Architecture, attempting to uncover the depth and nature of the diminishment of contemporary architecture and the tracks that lead us here.