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The value of trust in journalism

University of Auckland
Publication date:
01 Dec 2020, 06:00 PM - 01 Dec 2020, 07:00 PM
University of Auckland. Lecture Theatre B10, General Library Basement (Building 109), 5 Alfred Street, Auckland
Sinead Boucher | CEO and Owner of Stuff Ltd
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Annual Bruce Jesson Lecture

Annual Bruce Jesson Lecture

Bruce Jesson Foundation/School of Social Sciences

The Value of Trust in Journalism

Sinead Boucher | CEO and Owner of Stuff Ltd

Quality journalism has long sat at the heart of the democratic process – with a commitment to uncover the facts, and hold the powerful to account. Yet in a society increasingly plagued by misinformation and conspiracy theories, public trust in news organisations is under threat like never before. In the wake of the US and NZ elections, this lecture will explore the importance of public trust in journalism. What can news organisations be doing to rebuild public trust? Is it possible in a world where social media platforms continue to grow, unchecked, fuelling greater division and social unrest? And, as the media landscape continues to undergo rapid and significant change, what learnings can the Stuff experience offer for those seeking to build a sustainable future for journalism, and find innovative ways to fund it?

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