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Data science in the connected era

University of Auckland
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29 Jul 2021, 06:30 PM - 29 Jul 2021, 08:00 PM
University of Auckland Conference Centre, 22 Symonds Street, Auckland
Dr Simon Urbanek
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2021 Ihaka Lecture Series: Looking on the bright side

We should be worried about how much of our personal data businesses are gathering, but are there benefits to be had from allowing our health system to know more about us? We are on constant guard to protect our computers from viruses, but when a virus strikes humanity, can our computers help to protect us? We know that giving teenagers the ability to communicate 24/7 can have negative outcomes, but what happens when scientists get hold of social media tools?

The 2021 Ihaka Lecture Series features three speakers who will describe how modern computing can be used to positively impact the world.

Please note lectures commence at 6.30pm. Livestreams are also available for each lecture.