This is home. An update on the state of Pasifika people in New Zealand

Alan Johnson, Ronji Tanielu
Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit
Publication date:
"The Salvation Army published "More than churches, rugby and festivals: a report on the state of Pasifika people in New Zealand" in May 2013. This report was the first time that the state of social progress for Pacific people in New Zealand was analysed in great detail.The report was received by Pacific communities and the wider New Zealand public in a variety of ways: from pride in seeing the stories and realities of Pacific families being told, through to derision and dissatisfaction that the social issues facing Pacific peoples were possibly again being over-represented in public. In all honesty, this broad range of reactions was precisely the types of responses The Salvation Army wanted this report to evoke. Research projects or reports should never be a panacea to the issues or challenges they attempt to document. However, they should act to inform, educate, challenge, encourage or even agitate the reader."This Is Home" is a follow-up report, May 2014."
Last updated: 2013-03-12