Economic linkages within Auckland final report

John Williamson, Richard Paling, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Ascari Partners Ltd, Richard Paling Consulting
Ministry of Buisiness, Innovation and Employment
Publication date:
This study identifies Auckland's intra-regional economic linkages and the connections between the main centres within the Auckland city-system. A key part of the study is the development of a 'spatially aware' understanding of Auckland's economic functions and structure at the sub-regional level. This includes an examination of sub-regional centres, looking to identify where and how economic development is playing out in Auckland.The four key spatially oriented questions addressed in the study are:1) What are the economic roles and functions of different parts of the city?2) Are there complementarities (or otherwise) that exist spatially within the city?3) Where are key industries/sectors are located?4) Why might these activities choose these locations?
Last updated: 2012-11-04