Kimchi networks: Korean employers and employees in Auckland

Carina Meares, Elsie Ho, Robin Peace, Paul Spoonley
Massey University; University of Waikato
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This research investigates the economic integration of migrants from the Republic of Korea by examining the experiences of 14 employers, 20 employees and 6 home-stay operators. The work is part of a five year FoRST funded research programme titled 'Integration of Immigrants Programme', which looks at the settlement experiences of the key migrant groups post 1986/87 - those from Britain, India, Korea and South Africa, as well as those from China. The aim is to look at the strategies that these migrants employ, their settlement outcomes, both in terms of labour market engagement and business establishment, but also in relation to social and cultural outcomes, and what can be learnt from these experiences.

Last updated: 2007-11-28