Social implications of housing intensification in the Auckland region: analysis and review of media reports, surveys and literature

Catherine Syme, Victoria McGregor, David Mead
Auckland Sustainable Cities Programme
Publication date:
This paper examines the perceived social impact of housing intensification in Auckland. It is based on an analysis of local media coverage and community surveys. Community views on the impacts of housing intensification are also compared to the findings from New Zealand and international research, in order to establish whether there is evidence to support these views. The report identifies good design, accessibility (access to facilities and transport networks), and social diversity within housing developments as key to the success and community acceptance of housing intensification in Auckland. The report concludes that while the Regional Growth Strategy has focused on accessibility, and the Building Act (2004) has introduced a greater focus on good design, the issue of diversity is not being adequately addressed.
Last updated: 2002-11-09