Travel behaviour, experience and choices of Aucklanders: A qualitative investigation

Karen Witten, Tim McCreanor, Emily Rose
Centre for Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation: Auckland.
Publication date:

A qualitative study of Aucklanders' knowledge, attitudes and behaviours around travel and fuel use. This research is based on individual and focus group interviews with a diverse range of Aucklanders; including those living in innercity apartments, people who reside in the inner and outer suburbs, and those living on lifestyle blocks. An additional focus group was also held with a group of walking/cycling advocates. The study focuses on attitudes to and experience of different travel modes, including the car, car pooling, buses, trains, ferries, taxis, walking, and cycling. It also examines how lifestyle choices impact on travel decisions, and addresses fuel usage and knowledge of fuel reduction strategies. Finally, attitudes to multi-mode transport options are also explored.

Last updated: 2002-10-26