Auckland economic quarterly August 2019

Shane Martin, Shyamal Maharaj, Auckland Council Chief Economist
Auckland Council Chief Economist's Office
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Auckland Economic Commentary

It’s as simple as a CBD

  • Our work into what Aucklanders value having in their neighbourhood and homes continues. Recent analysis has unearthed three things people value as reflected in house prices.
  • People value development options, and there is now clear data to evidence this. Almost three years since the Unitary Plan was implemented, clear patterns are emerging of how much more value different types of zoning add to properties.
  • People value things in short supply. Supply of leafy green suburbs is plentiful (which is a good thing), and thus don’t command a price premium. Suburbs we think of as wealthy, leafy green suburbs, are wealthy for reasons other than their big beautiful trees.
  • People value living near jobs. This is yet another reason that the leafy green suburbs around Auckland’s CBD are among the most expensive in the country. ...

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Last updated: 2019-11-28