Compositional analysis of airborne particulate matter samples associated with the New Zealand International Convention Centre fire

P K Davy, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd, GNS
GNS Science | Auckland Council
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Air quality

As requested, we have analysed the elemental composition of airborne particulate matter samples collected onto filters at the Queen Street central Auckland air quality monitoring site. In addition, we have also analysed the composition of an airborne particulate matter sample collected by Dr Joel Rindelaub (Research Fellow at the School of Chemical Sciences, University of Auckland), adjacent to the Sky City complex overnight on 22–23 October 2019. We present a description of the samples and sampling sites, the analytical methodology and results, along with a brief contextual review in terms of other combustion sources and the contaminants produced therein.

New Zealand International Convention Centre, NZICC


Last updated: 2019-11-14