Golf Investment Plan 2020-2040. Draft

Auckland Council
Auckland Council
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Draft. Not council policy

Auckland is growing and going through a period of rapid transformation. With more people and increased diversity there is increased demand for land, including parks and open space.

There is considerable pressure on our land to deliver a wider range of community services and outcomes. And for our investment to drive a stronger and more inclusive society.

Patterns and rates of participation in sport and recreation are changing. The time that people can allocate to sport in modern life may be limited.

Golf is both time and land intensive. Fewer people are able to spend four hours playing a round of 18 holes, but approximately 100,000 Aucklanders want to play golf.

At the same time there are some communities in Auckland that are not able to access their local park because it is currently used exclusively for golf.

The challenge for council is to adjust the way in which we deliver golf so that it maximises participation as well as ensuring that our parks benefit as many people as possible.

Council wants to see more choice with a variety of golf experiences that have widespread appeal to Aucklanders. It will be based on a network of fit-for-purpose facilities, from introductory courses through to advanced courses. We want increased pathways into the sport that target women and young people.

Council also seeks to get more value from our existing courses. This means opening parts of the land for other uses. At a minimum this will include creating walk and cycle corridors around council golf courses. There are opportunities to include other sport and recreation activities.

Increasing the contributions golf courses make to the health of our natural environment is another key objective. This means expanding habitats for native flora and fauna, improved water management and quality, and using these green spaces to offset the negative impacts of development.

This plan provides the framework that will drive change.

Auckland Council is the largest investor in golf through its land assets. We propose to lead the sector through our actions to show that modern golf can address social and environmental issues in a positive way.

We want every council-owned or managed golf course to be accessible, connected to their community, well-used and environmentally sustainable.

The core principle driving the plan is equity-based investment to improve access and outcomes for all.

The plan sets out how we will engage the community in decision-making as well as the factors that local boards and the governing body will need to consider. A thorough analysis of each site puts the council in a much better position to meet the changing needs of Auckland communities.

The timing of decisions will be driven by the expiration of current leases. However, all leaseholders will have a clear sense what council is seeking to achieve from this plan and they may choose to align with our investment objectives sooner.

Last updated: 2019-11-08