Project Twin Streams trends 2016 report

Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants, Brett Stansfield
Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants | Auckland Council | Waitākere Ranges Local Board
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Project Twin Streams (PTS) is a large-scale environmental restoration project in West Auckland, initiated by Waitakere City Council in 2003, and continued by Auckland Council. It aims to provide integrated stormwater management and has involved (amongst other things) the purchase of properties in the flood plain, stormwater treatment (including developing treatment wetlands) and restoring native trees along stream banks. Project Twin Streams covers the stream catchments draining to Henderson Creek and Huruhuru Creek. This includes the Oratia, Opanuku, Waikumete and Swanson Streams (Appendix 1). The streams run through a mixture of native bush, rural and urban areas.

PTS recognises the importance of the local communities that these streams flow through by involving them in the project. Auckland Council has partnered with local community organisations in the delivery of this project. It has also looked at how households can become more sustainable, and more connected to the stream environments and has included building cycle and walkways.

This report summarises the comprehensive environmental and social monitoring conducted in May and June 2016, and compares it with previous monitoring (where possible) to illustrate any changes or trends, especially in water quality and stream habitat.

This report provides an update of temporal trends (time series trends) of the streams of Project Twin Streams. Temporal changes in state assessed from historical monitoring of 2003/04, 2005/06, 2010 and 2016 are provided in this report.

Whilst the focus and overwhelming content is on freshwater values, this report also contains a summary of social and terrestrial investigations completed in 2016. 

Prepared by Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants for Auckland Council

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