Project Twin Streams Auckland report card 2016

Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants
Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants | Auckland Council | Waitākere Ranges Local Board
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Project Twin Streams (PTS) is a large-scale environmental project in West Auckland that was initiated in 2003 by Waitakere City Council and is led today by Auckland Council and its Local Boards. Working to improve stream health throughout the Huruhuru and Henderson Creek catchments, 56 kms of streamside has been replanted and properties within the flood plain purchased for removal. Auckland Council has implemented a sustainable community development approach that recognises the interconnectedness of social, cultural, spiritual, economic and environmental wellbeing.

PTS seeks to restore the mauri, or life force, of its waterways and at the heart of this project are the local communities that these streams flow through. Project Twin Streams’ unique approach engages residents by partnering with their local community organisations. This is a local project with regional benefits – it works with both nature and people to improve the health of its waterways.

While the current focus of the project is on stream bank restoration, the aims and objectives are much wider. Project Twin Streams examines how land is used, how households can become more sustainable, and how the new cycle and walkways created can influence public health.

This report card contains a summary of the environmental and social monitoring conducted in May and June 2016, and represents a current snapshot of Project Twin Streams.

Prepared by Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants for Auckland Council  

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