Project Twin Streams current state report volume 2: social

Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants, Andrew Stevenson
Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants | Auckland Council | Waitākere Ranges Local Board
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"The project grew, and became a fantastic New Zealand-wide experience for local government. Some said 'How the hell are these people going to do so much?' But we did." - Bob Harvey (Mayor of Waitakere City Council, 1992-2010).

Project Twin Streams (PTS) is a large-scale environmental restoration project based in West Auckland. It is a local project with regional benefits. It works with nature and with people to improve the health of waterways and the Waitemata Harbour.

PTS was developed to provide integrated stormwater management, to restore the streambanks and to improve the local diversity, amenity, stream ecology and water quality along the Oratia, Waikumete, Opanuku, Swanson Streams and the Henderson Creek. PTS has been underway for over 13 years, and covers 56km of stream in the Henderson Catchment. Since it started in 2003, the project has purchased and relocated 81 houses located within the catchment flood plain (to reduce flooding hazards and create stormwater management reserves), the project has also cleared streambanks of rubbish and environmental weeds and replanted them with eco-sourced native trees and shrubs. PTS has also created an extensive network of walk and cycleways to encourage sustainable transport choices, and to allow local residents to enjoy and become more connected to their streams.

Through its unique approach, Project Twin Streams partners with local community organisations to engage, educate and connect with local schools, businesses, neighbours & residents and community groups to take an active part in caring for the streams. "If someone told me that within a decade, an environmental and community development project could produce wholesale behaviour change within an urban catchment and noticeably increase the value given - and the care shown by people - to the natural stream environment, I would not have believed it possible. I am so proud of our collective efforts to care for people and the environment through PTS!" - Anonymous


The catchment for Project Twin Streams has about 85,0001 people living in it. This has increased from 63,492 in 2001, 73,221 in 2006 and 80,373 in 2013. The area is made up of suburbs such as Henderson, Swanson, Ranui, Glen Eden and part of Te Atatu South. ...

Prepared by Thomas Civil and Environmental Consultants for Auckland Council  

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