Healthy homes initiatives – Auckland. Co-design: testing ideas to make homes warmer and drier

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The Southern Initiative

This report outlines the lessons from a co-design process on Auckland’s Healthy Homes Initiatives. This is led by The Southern Initiative for the Ministry of Health.

This second report on the Auckland Healthy Homes Initiatives (HHI) co-design journey focuses on work undertaken since October 20161. It:

  • builds on the key findings from earlier work by outlining the co-design process and lessons learned from the testing of ideas (prototypes)
  • details the tensions that have surfaced during testing, and next steps in the process.

During this phase of the co-design process, the team has continued to test and refine ideas. We have learned by doing and made changes as needed. We have abandoned some ideas that did not work and returned to others, approaching them slightly differently. This has been done in a “safer to try, safer to fail” environment. Safer because we begin testing with smaller numbers and do not expect everything to be perfect. In testing, we are always supporting the whānau and minimising risk through the process while balancing live testing.

During the testing phase, the co-design team worked closely with many stakeholders. We refined and tested nine prototypes...

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Last updated: 2018-11-22