Early years challenge. Supporting parents to give tamariki a great start in life

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Summary report, October 2017

This document is a summary of why we conducted the Early Years Challenge, what we have learnt, and what we and others can do to create positive transformation in young lives in South Auckland.

We hope this paper and the accompanying posters will inform the work of community groups, agencies and other interested people to better understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities for parents and families in South Auckland.

About the Early Years Challenge

Initiated as a joint project between The Southern Initiative (TSI), Auckland Council and the Auckland Co-Design Lab (the Lab), the Early Years Challenge explores how we can improve outcomes for young, children, families and whānau in South Auckland.

It was not the intention of the challenge to review existing health or social services, or create blueprints for new ones. There is a wide range of agencies and organisations already working in the early years sector including District Health Boards, Whānau Ora, well child providers, primary services, Children’s Teams, Oranga Tamariki and many others that were not reviewed as part of this Challenge and are not referenced directly in this report.

Instead, the joint team used data analysis and innovative co-design methodologies to understand more about the lived realities of parenting in South Auckland, to empower families to create solutions that build on local strengths, and to provide guidance to social and government agencies in their own service design.

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