Papakura Stream assessment and management study

L S Bull, E Sides, M Lewis, K Wilson-Zandvoort, T Stephenson, J Ruffell, J Steer, S de Luca, D Slaven, Boffa Miskell
Auckland Regional Council
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The wider Papakura Stream Catchment has come under increasing pressures from intensifying land-use (particularly agricultural) and residential development. For instance, continuous forest cover now only occurs in the upper headwaters of the catchment, with the extent of forest vegetation cover reducing through the course of the Papakura Stream. This is evidenced by the diminishment of the stream corridor and natural habitat within the residential and industrial urban environments of Manurewa and Takanini.

This study was undertaken to quantify and assess the physical characteristics and ecological values of the waterways within the wider Papakura Stream Catchment, and to identify management options and prioritise activities that can maintain / improve the stream water quality and ecological values within that catchment. One of the main objectives of this study was to test the use of a combined River Environment Classification (REC) / Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV) approach to assist with Integrated Catchment Management Plans (ICMPs). While considerable emphasis was placed on the freshwater component of the study, additional avenues of investigation included estuarine and terrestrial ecology (riparian vegetation, avifauna, and herpetofauna), landscape and amenity values, and socio-cultural values.

Prepared by Boffa Miskell Limited for Auckland Regional Council.

Auckland Regional Council technical report TR2008/014

Last updated: 2018-09-26