State of the environment monitoring. Marine water quality data report 2006

Auckland Regional Council
Auckland Regional Council
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The marine environment in the Auckland Region encompasses two oceans, four major harbours, and numerous estuaries. This wide variety of marine habitats supports a diverse range of aquatic plants and animals, including seaweeds, mangroves and seagrass, shellfish, marine mammals, fish and sea birds.

The aesthetics, use, and health of coastal waters are influenced directly by the quality of freshwater that runs from the land through streams, rivers and stormwater networks. The microbiological contamination of beaches after heavy rainfall and the sedimentation of harbours and estuaries illustrate the connections between inland and coastal waters, and the sensitivity of these.

This programme monitors marine water quality across the Auckland Region. Information obtained is also used in conjunction with ecological and contaminant data to provide an integrated overview of the physical, chemical, and biological condition of the Region’s marine environment.

Auckland Regional Council technical report TR2008/008

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