Saline water quality state and trends in the Auckland region

Mike Scarsbrook, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd NIWA
Auckland Regional Council
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Auckland Regional Council (ARC) operates a long-term water quality monitoring network at 27 sites located among the Region’s harbours, estuaries and wider coastal zone. This monitoring network has produced New Zealand’s most comprehensive long-term water quality dataset for coastal waters. Objectives of this network include State of the Environment reporting, identification of major environmental issues, and assessment of the efficacy and efficiency of Council policy initiatives and strategies.

This report provides a state of the environment summary for saline waters, which together with a recently completed freshwater SoE report, provides the information required to develop a more integrated network for future environmental monitoring in the region.

Prepared by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited, NIWA for Auckland Regional Council.

Auckland Regional Council technical report TR2008/005

Last updated: 2018-09-25