Mana wahine. Building an understanding of women’s experience of homelessness in the Auckland city centre

Te Miringa Trust, Lifewise
Te Miringa Trust | Lifewise
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Commissioned by Te Miringa Trust, produced by Lifewise

Our intent: To understand the particular needs and experiences of women (including those from the Rainbow community) experiencing homelessness in the Auckland City Centre.

In 2016, the Sisters of Mercy were invited to form groups to reflect on Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, which called to look at the needs of the earth, our common home. Groups were asked to explore a practical action by praying, researching and reflecting on a need. Our group consisted of eight women of different ages and backgrounds two of whom are Sisters of Mercy. The strong call for this group was to explore the needs of homeless women in the city of Auckland. We began meeting in February 2016 and now have the name Te Miringa Trust.

The name Te Miringa was gifted to us. It is from the story of a child who was brought forth into the world through gentle massaging. The child was named Te Miringa. We feel privileged to hold this name as the inspiration in our desire to respond in some positive way to women who are experiencing homelessness.

Our vision is inspired by the Mercy tradition and the inspiration of Catherine McAuley who worked to uphold the dignity of women in the Dublin of her day in the 1800s. Today we wish to respond to the needs of women in our time.

This project has been designed to provide Te Miringa Trust the insights and understanding needed to respond to the needs of women experiencing homelessness in the Auckland city centre.

Last updated: 2018-09-24