State of the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area 2018. Te āhua o te rohe o te ika whenua o Waitākere 2018

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This is the second five-year report prepared under section 34 of the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008 (the Act). This report compiles data about the heritage features within the heritage area. It goes on to determine whether there have been changes in the state of those heritage features (both improvement and decline). The report also reflects on the council’s business which includes its requirements to meet the objectives of the Act.

Te Kawerau ā Maki and Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei are the mana whenua in the heritage area and both iwi played key roles in establishing the Act. The iwi continue to represent their mana whenua interests and exercise their kaitiakitanga in a wide range of forums. The heritage features are of particular significance for mana whenua, and collectively they are a taonga and maintain the heritage area’s mauri. The places of significance to mana whenua are integral to the wellbeing of the heritage features of the Act.

Auckland Council, the Waitākere Ranges Local Board, Auckland Transport and Watercare Services Limited hold governance and stewardship roles. They are landowners of extensive parts of the heritage area, and have significant responsibility on a daily basis for managing assets, providing operational activities and services and infrastructure development and maintenance throughout the heritage area.

The Waitākere Ranges heritage area is of national, regional, and local significance and the heritage features described in section 7 of the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008 (the Act) individually and collectively contribute to its significance. Section 34 of the Act requires the council to monitor at five yearly intervals:
• the state of the environment of the heritage area
• the progress made towards achieving the objectives of the Act
• the funding impact from activities to be undertaken to give effect to the Act.

Changes over the last five years have been measured against the data used for the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area Monitoring Report (Volumes 1 and 2) June 2013. Statutory changes and some new topics have been included in the 2018 report.

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