Kumeu-Hobsonville groundwater resource assessment report 1995

Ramon Scoble, Andrew Millar
Auckland Regional Council
Publication date:

The Kumeu-Hobsonville Study Area contains a large groundwater system to the northwest of Auckland city. The Study Area represents a hydrological area of concentrated groundwater abstraction. The Study Area does not represent the geological boundary of the aquifer.

This report describes the Kumeu-Hobsonville Study Area groundwater system. Groundwater has been extracted from the Kumeu area for horticulture and water supply for over 50 years. Historically, large horticultural water users have been attracted to Kumeu because of the proximity to Auckland City, soils suitable for horticulture and the ready supply of high quality, cheap groundwater. The major issues to be considered in reference to the Kumeu-Hobsonville groundwater resource can be summarised as follows:

i. A large number of proposed and existing users competing for a limited resource.

ii. Ensuring the resource is used in a sustainable manner.

Auckland Regional Council technical publication TP060 TP60

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