North Shore heritage thematic review volume 1 maps

Auckland Council, Heritage Consultancy Services
Auckland Council Heritage Unit | Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit, RIMU
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This review was commissioned by North Shore City Council (now Auckland Council) in 2009. It represents the successful completion of actions contained in the North Shore City Historic Heritage Strategy [2009] to carry out a thematic assessment framework review of the existing District Plan schedule and systematically identify additional historic heritage items and areas for scheduling.

The review had a number of broad objectives. These are:

  • To prepare a thematic overview of the historical development of the North Shore. While a number of local area histories have been written, until very recently, no general history of the North Shore was available to assist those seeking to better understand and appreciate the development of the area as a whole. The overview collates information gathered from a number of secondary sources, but also introduces new information obtained from an examination of primary materials.
  • To review the range of buildings, objects and places currently identified in the District Plan, and identify any potential heritage resources (buildings, objects and places) that have previously been overlooked.
  • To identify areas or precincts on the North Shore of distinctive character, and evaluate their potential heritage values.
  • To further research and assess heritage resources that embody identified themes, and make recommendations regarding their sustainable management, particularly in relation to protection under the District Plan.

The review report is in large part the result of the collaborative efforts of a project team composed of heritage consultants and Council officers. The team included the following people:
Tania Mace, Historian
David Verran, Historian
Richard Bollard, Bruce Petry and Jeremy Salmond, Salmond Reed Architects Ltd
Jane Matthews, Matthews & Matthews Architects Ltd
Heike Lutz and Theresa Chan, Archifact Ltd
Susan Yoffe, Historian
Lisa Truttman, Historian
Tony Barnes, Auckland Council
Aranne Donald, North Shore City Council
Russell Gibb and Dan McCurdy, Geometria
Dan Davis, Graphic Artist
Dr Ann McEwan, Heritage Consultancy Services
Leslie Vyfhuis, Auckland Council

Compiled by Heritage Consultancy Services for Auckland Council.

Auckland Council technical report TR2011/010

Last updated: 2018-07-09