Potential policy options to address critical energy issues technical report

Auckland Council Research, Investigations and Monitoring Unit, RIMU
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The newly formed Auckland Council is in the midst of developing the Auckland Plan, which will provide a comprehensive and integrated planning framework for Auckland. The plan is informed by the Council’s vision for Auckland to be the ‘most liveable city in the world’. Auckland is the fastest growing region within New Zealand and the plan seeks to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by this growth, taking into account community needs, economic aspirations and environmental responsibilities.

Energy security is a key concept within the Auckland Plan and one of the big challenges presented by Auckland’s growth profile and the global imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Globally there is a strong evidence base linking community prosperity with access to secure and affordable energy supply. Therefore early strategic intervention underpinned by long term actions in relation to energy infrastructure and usage patterns are critical to Auckland continuing to be an affordable and attractive place to live and do business.

Auckland Council has engaged Arup to prepare an Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Strategy for securing Auckland’s energy and greenhouse futures. This Strategy will deliver:

  • A Strategic Action Plan setting out a recommended suite of actions and strategies for delivering those actions; and,
  • Two Technical Reports (one dealing with greenhouse management and this document looking at energy issues and opportunities) providing the evidence base for the recommendations within the combined Strategic
    Action Plan.

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the draft Technical Report (Energy Issues and Opportunities).

The Technical Report has two key functions – one is to provide the evidence base to support the development of a formal strategy and the other is to provide an avenue, in its draft form, for the Auckland Council to elicit feedback from key stakeholders on a range of options for energy security. These options respond to current and projected conditions and identify ways that Council might demonstrate leadership, strategic focus and deliver practical solutions for energy security in the region.

ARUP 222036-00

Auckland Council technical report TR2011

Last updated: 2018-07-09