Probabilistic hazard analysis and modelling of tsunami Inundation for the Auckland region from regional source tsunami

Philip Gillibrand, William Power, Emily Lane, Xiaoming Wang, Julian Sykes, Hannah Brackley, Jade Arnold
Auckland Regional Council | NIWA
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This study presents the first probabilistic analysis of dynamic modelling of tsunami inundation for the New Zealand coast. In all, inundation of the Auckland region from 100 tsunami events has been dynamically modelled, and the results synthesized into probabilistic maps of inundation depth and maximum current speed from 2500‐year ARI tsunami. The simulations conducted assumed tsunami arrival coincides with MHWS tides to provide conservative estimates of probabilistic inundation suitable for emergency management and planning. Incorporating varying tidal states provides more accurate estimates of the probabilistic inundation, but the results for the present study were hindered because the influence of smaller tsunami on the probabilistic inundation at some locations was not captured in this study. The study provides the most comprehensive assessment of tsunami inundation of the Auckland region from regional source tsunami available to date.

Auckland Regional Council technical report TR2010/064

NIWA Client Report: CHC2010‐102 
NIWA Project: ARC10502 GNS Project No.: 410W1164

GNS Consultancy Report 2010/200

Last updated: 2018-07-03